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Geographic Solutions Events

Catch us at one of these events as our marketing team plans to exhibit our latest product offerings or attend with marketing representation. Stop by our booth or find us in the crowd and get caught up on what's happening at Geographic Solutions.

2015 UI Integrity Technology Symposium
September 1-2, 2015
Washington, DC

The two-day Symposium is a new technical information sharing forum with the latest software and analytic tools identifying and preventing potential overpayments and fraud. It will demonstrate and discuss solutions that have been implemented and are proving to be successful. Visit Event Website

Meeting of the Minds 2015
September 8-10, 2015
Monterey, CA

The 2015 Meeting of the Minds will focus on the new work of the new Boards, and a set of questions that will reveal the opportunities and innovations that will create the desired outcomes of the new legislation. Visit Event Website

Florida Workforce Professional Development Summit
September 21-23, 2015
Orlando, FL

The Florida Workforce Professional Development Summit is an educational and training conference focusing on best practices and workforce education information for direct service and leadership staff of Florida's workforce system. Visit Event Website

Virginia Workforce Professionals Academy
September 22-24, 2015
Hampton, VA

Join us for the Workforce Professionals Academy to learn, share, collaborate, innovate and discuss the latest information and trends in workforce development in the Commonwealth. Visit Event Website

Michigan Works! Annual Conference
October 4-6, 2015
Mt. Pleasant, MI

Michigan’s signature workforce development conference offers dynamic keynote presentations, a wide array of professional development opportunities and plenty of time for networking. Visit Event Website

79th Annual NASWA Conference
October 7-9, 2015
Indianapolis, IN

The conference will strengthen the workforce system through information exchange, liaison, and advocacy. Visit Event Website

National UI Directors’ Conference
October 19-22, 2015
Albuquerque, NM

The 2015 conference will celebrate UI’s 80th anniversary as well be a forum to share innovative ideas, policies and best practices for the federal-state unemployment insurance (UI) system. Visit Event Website

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