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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Career Assessment

It is the intent of the Recovery Act that WIA Adult funds be used to provide the necessary services to substantially increased numbers of adults to support their entry or reentry into the job market. To that end, states should consider how assessment and data-driven career counseling can be integrated into their service strategies to support adults in successful training and job search activities that align with areas of anticipated economic and job growth.

We have multiple self assessment tools linked directly to O*NET occupations. Skills identified in our assessment can be used to identify not only related jobs but also relevant training programs.

Our system is designed to support transferable skills analysis (TSA), skills (O*NET detailed work activities), work interests, work importance, and WorkKeys (workplace skills).

Within Geographic Solutions' Virtual OneStop Labor Exchange module, staff may assist in providing individuals and employers with Wagner-Peyser Act employment services. From this module staff may manage individuals, resumes, employers, labor exchange, job orders, profiling, communications, and view reports.

More specifically, the Skills and Interest Profile within Labor Exchange has multiple functions that staff can use to help individuals with career assessment and planning. Options include services to match skills and find an occupation match. Staff users select and have access to over 2,500 of the latest Occupational Information Network (O*NET) job and personal skills in a list format that makes skills analysis an easy process. This tool can be used in redeployment to complete a transferable skills analysis and identify appropriate occupations. Geographic Solutions is the first company to further integrate the skills from O*NET by classifying them into user-friendly categories.

The Career Services component of Virtual Labor Market Information (Virtual LMI) Core Services Module allows users to analyze their skills and attributes together with the local labor market to make an informed career choice. This component includes a step-by-step guide to career selection, a section to analyze a person's skills, and occupation matching. Additionally, users may review certain profiles of occupations and analyze, in detail, labor market information on occupations for their region or the state overall. The system creates customized occupation profiles and comparisons. Hundreds of occupational videos are included and a WorkKeys module is available.

Job Skills

This is a straightforward assessment of job skills that is used as part of the Job Skills tab. Individuals can view their saved proficiencies along with tabled O*NET skills categories. The Skills Category column corresponds to the saved skills, displaying valuable information as to what occupations might be pertinent. As individuals become more comfortable with the use of their Assessment Profile, Job Skills lets them update and build more extensive Selected Skills lists. The system includes over 2,500 skills linked to the latest O*NET data. Geographic Solutions is the first company to take the integrated skills one step further by classifying the skills into user-friendly categories. When individuals click the Edit Job Skills link, they can efficiently choose skills from 14 wide¬-reaching categories, including General, Skilled Trades, Computers and Mathematics, Management, and others.

Virtual OneStop screenshot

Personal Skills

Individuals can also review Personal Skills they have acquired, assess their Work Interests using a Work Interests Analyzer tool, and use a Work Importance Analyzer tool to assess Work Importance (recognize what they value most in a career).

Work Interests

The Interest Analyzer presents a series of questions to help individuals identify what their interests are and how they relate to the world of work. It then helps them decide what kinds of occupations and careers they might want to explore, and it gives them links to explore them.

Work Importance

The Work Importance Analyzer presents a series of 20 cards for individuals to read and then move into rating categories that help them identify and prioritize what is important to them. They can then review the work importance scores, and find and explore details of occupations that correlate to their scores at differing levels (e.g., Strongly Correlate to your Work Importance).

Virtual OneStop screenshot

Workplace Skills - WorkKeys

The Workplace Skills tab displays in systems that are licensed for WorkKeys assessments. Here a WorkKeys test is given to individuals by staff members at authorized WorkKeys locations. Staff can then enter the WorkKeys Assessment Test score. When individuals click the Workplace Skills tab, a table appears that contains information on the outcome of their WorkKeys assessment. Individuals can then review their workplace skills, and explore occupations and career services via links from a page that shows a list of occupations that match the WorkKeys assessment skill levels.

Virtual OneStop screenshot

Employers who perform candidate searches can identify candidates with different levels of WorkKeys, such as Gold, Silver, and Bronze. This may be quite beneficial as a search criterion for those employers aware of the potential of WorkKeys assessments.

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