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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Labor Market Iintelligence

As states receive Recovery Act funding for the WIA and Wagner-Peyser programs and implement training and reemployment strategies, ETA encourages states to recognize opportunities to prepare workers for "green jobs" related to other sources of federal funding. States are also encouraged to expand existing training programs, such as registered apprenticeship programs that have the potential to prepare workers for careers in the renewable energy sectors and for other "green jobs." While occupational data collection on green jobs is ongoing and occurring in both the public and private sectors, there appears to be general consensus from the research that not all "green jobs" are necessarily new or unique occupations, but represent "layers" of green skills upon existing occupations.

Geographic Solutions has already built green jobs functionality into our Virtual OneStop product. When employers create a job posting, they can choose to flag the position as a "Green Job" to facilitate the posting's inclusion in search results reviewed by individuals who are specifically looking for these jobs. Job seekers can target their searches for green jobs by selecting a checkbox on the Advanced Job Search page.

Just what is a green job? The answer to that question will be different depending upon where the person lives – what constitutes a green job in California could be quite different than the definition for the workforce in Nebraska. The Content Publisher – Geographic Solutions' content management system – allows states and local workforce agencies to create and display their own definitions of what a green job is, tailored specifically to the needs and requirements of their region.

We are also developing a process that will allow the designation of external, spidered jobs – imported from various job boards and websites on the Internet – as potential green jobs, based upon the job posting's industry, occupation, and a list of key words and phrases developed from states that have published lists of green jobs.

Ultimately, our customers will have the ability to customize this list of industry NAICS codes, occupational O*NET codes, and key words and phrases specifically for the needs of their area. Soon, this technology will be used to identify training programs that prepare individuals for employment in green jobs.

Our green jobs functionality also extends to case management. Staff members who are adding employment outcomes for individuals can specify when the job attained is a green job, and then run queries to see how many individuals have been placed in green jobs. NOTE: system reports will have filters to search both internal and external jobs by a "green jobs" identifier.

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