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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Labor Exchange Wagner-Peyser

The Recovery Act makes available funding for Employment Services Operations, excluding reemployment services, in the amount of $150,000,000. [...] These funds are available for states to assist persons in One-Stop Career Centers to secure employment and workforce information by providing a variety of services, including job search assistance, skills assessment, and labor market information services to job seekers and to employers seeking qualified individuals to fill job openings. Per the Recovery Act, the funds are available for obligation by the states through September 30, 2010. All Wagner-Peyser Recovery Act funds must be expended by June 30, 2011.

The services offered to employers, in addition to referral of job seekers to job openings, include matching job requirements with job seeker experience, skills and other attributes; helping with special recruitment needs; assisting employers analyze hard-to-fill job orders; assisting with job restructuring; and helping employers. States are expected to provide these services within their One-Stop Career Centers. Other key services include: 1) a computerized career information system including access to State Job Bank resources and institutions and organizations that provide training; and 2) the development and distribution of state and local workforce information which allows job seekers, employers, and providers and planners of job training and economic development to obtain information about job opportunities, regional job vacancies, labor supply, labor market or workforce trends, and the market situation in particular industries.

In implementing Wagner-Peyser services under the Recovery Act, ETA encourages states to consider including the following in their service delivery strategies:
  • Seamless Service Integration with WIA Services, Unemployment Insurance, and One Stop Partners to Ensure Individuals have Access to a Full Array of Employment And Training Services
  • Assessment and Career Counseling
  • Workforce Information
  • Outreach to Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers

A Geographic Solution's ARRA compliant system can be implemented rapidly and effectively because we have highly configurable COTS that has already been programmed with functionality stipulated in ARRA and published TEGLs. We allow you to achieve your own ARRA objectives by providing a way to invest quickly and wisely in a proven solution. Now is not the time for building custom applications or unproven solutions.

Geographic Solutions' Workforce Information solutions are quickly and efficiently built by using modules from Version 10 of the Virtual OneStop Software Component Library that are highly configurable to meet the requirements of individual customers. The Virtual OneStop System is a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software solution that is easily implemented in a short timeline. The state-of-the art system will operate as a dynamic portal for employers and job seekers, supporting Wagner-Peyser functionality, WIA case management, and federal compliance reporting requirements.

By employing a COTS best-value solution (such as the widely implemented Virtual OneStop System), costs are reduced. Virtual OneStop is Web-based, uses n-tier system architecture, and can be easily modified to meet your specific requirements.

Building the systems from Virtual OneStop components offers advantages over building a "ground-up" solution. System deployment is rapid because the components are pre-built, risks are mitigated because the components have already been successfully deployed and tested in other state systems, and the components are modular and can be easily added to or modified. All of the proposed features are currently operating in other states' production applications, substantially strengthening the analysis process.

Virtual OneStop not only supports specific functional requirements but also provides a proven technology with a large user community and a user-friendly interface that will attract more job seekers and employers, improving the overall performance of the system.

Geographic Solutions has experience working with State Departments of Labor with diverse requirements and provides the following:

  • The ability to expand services over time by adding existing Virtual OneStop components, providing the foundation for a true One-Stop operating system
  • An experienced user community in states and local regions throughout the country
  • Proven experience producing federally mandated WIA reports
  • Knowledgeable staff dedicated solely to providing software to the workforce development community
  • Significant knowledge of the objectives and requirements of ARRA
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