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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Productivity Tools

Scan Card

VOScan is a user-friendly, comprehensive system that provides tools to catalog information and general system flow on the labor force. VOScan has the capability for the tracking and reporting of customer self-service and staff assisted services utilization, customer employment and educational history, and other customer related information. The solution includes customer service screens (that can be customized by staff at each center location) that make it possible for customers to be identified and tracked when accessing services.

Geographic Solutions' software development library component, VOScan, is tracking software that offers the greatest flexibility to support client specific requirements. VOScan is a real-time Internet tracking solution that operates in a Windows-based environment. The VOScan module is designed to enhance client tracking for one-stop tracking and reporting. Scan cards are simply swiped in a card reader at the workstation, allowing user information to be collected for tracking and reporting purposes.

VOScan is a fully integrated card scan system that tracks and reports the user's onsite services, transferring the data to the centralized job seeker database in real time via the Internet. VOScan uses card reading technology from progressive, industry standard scan card system hardware providers.

Using the VOScan component, the system uses magnetic strip cards to track services delivered for reporting and management purposes. The resulting system will modernize and improve system processing, effectively addressing client tracking and reporting. The scan card system, with installed card readers onsite, provides managers with a seamless electronic method to manage their ever-changing needs.

Rover INK

Rover INK makes it possible to move data from the field to your back office in minutes, opposed to days or weeks. It's fast and simple to implement with virtually no end-user training required. Rover INK is based on Anoto digital pen and paper technology.

  • Eliminates transposition errors when re-keying data.
  • Reduces transaction costs by an average of 75%!
  • Reduces the need to manually key or re-key data.
  • Increases productivity and efficiency both in-house and in the field.
  • Improves cash flow by reducing the number of steps in the process before you can invoice for your products or services.
  • Generates a database of information automatically.
  • Integrates easily with any management software (accounting, planning, inventory, forecasting, etc.).
  • Improves workflow processes and provides for better customer response time.
  • Reduces paper retention and scanning efforts. No need to purchase expensive scanning equipment. No paper is automatically backed up with standard IT backup procedures.
  • Simplifies filing and improves data retrieval processes.
  • Requires no end user training. No operational impact.
  • Provides a cost effective opportunity with minimal hardware requirements.
  • 100% scalable.
  • 100% secure.

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