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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Reporting

Accountability guidelines provided by the Office of Management and Budget for the Recovery Act emphasize data quality, streamlining data collection, and collection of information that shows measurable program outputs. ETA is developing reporting guidelines for these funds with the intent to minimize any new collection burdens. Final guidance on participant and performance reporting will be issued under a separate TEGL.

When it comes to federal reporting requirements Geographic Solutions strives to be only a "half step" behind the government's release of new report specifications and the implementation of the new report in our system. Although ARRA performance and reporting requirements are not yet specified, we already have three special reports being coded to track populations served by Wagner-Peyser and WIA anticipating some frequent – possibly monthly – mass count input to a web based system.

We also already have in place the work readiness goal and report that will be used to report the summer youth employment/work readiness activities.

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