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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Workforce Investment Act

Geographic Solutions has already proactively modified our core Virtual OneStop modules to reflect new WIA requirements. Among the changes are:

  • New customer groups
    • New WIA applications for anyone < age 24 will display the Youth application form, with youth barriers displayed
    • New internal table rows for the ARRA funded eligibility groups that will appear in the Customer Program Group dropdown on the General Information of the activity enrollment:
      • Adult - ARRA (Stimulus)
      • DW - ARRA (Stimulus)
      • Youth - ARRA (Stimulus)
      • Statewide Youth - ARRA (Stimulus)
      • Adult ARRA Core
      • Adult ARRA Intensive-Training
      • Adult ARRA Override
      • Dislocated Worker ARRA Core
      • Dislocated Worker ARRA Intensive-Training
      • Dislocated Worker ARRA Override
      • Youth ARRA ALL
      • Youth ARRA 5%
    • Adult and DW ARRA Customer Program Groups will have a special statewide grant type set up for Stimulus funded activities, used with regular statewide eligibility codes.
    • There is a special Statewide Youth – ARRA Customer Program Group for Summer Youth because of the extended eligibility to age 24 (also, no distinction between younger / older youth for ARRA funding).
    • Data updates will be run to set ARRA eligibility types on existing open WIA applications based on existing eligibility; e.g. Adult Intensive-Training will have Adult ARRA Intensive – Training added to their wiaeligibility table and displayed on current open applications only. Individuals under age 24 with open WIA applications will be updated for Youth ARRA All eligibility.
  • Business Rules and 'automation' to save staff time on enrollments
  • WIA Youth Goals – Required business rule changes to accommodate ARRA Summer Youth
    • No longer limited to Younger Youth
    • No requirement that first goal be a Basic Skills Deficiency goal
    • Will allow for creation of additional ARRA youth goals when individual continues beyond the initial Summer Youth Jobs activity
  • WIA Closure – Changes to be developed (deployed as second hot fix). If Customer Program Group = Youth ARRA (Stimulus) and only activity is Youth Summer Jobs, system will present an abbreviated closure, since there are no performance metrics other than the Youth Goal Attainment there is no need for staff to complete all of the school status, diploma, credential and employment prompts.
  • WIA Follow up – It is anticipated that if Customer Program Group = Youth ARRA (Stimulus) and only activity is Youth Summer Jobs follow up will not be required so we are considering not displaying Follow Up tables.
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